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CIMA helps aspiring students and businesses to succeed by harnessing the full power of management accounting – not just accounting for the balance sheet, but accounting for business.

Along with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), CIMA established the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation in the year 2012 to provide members with greater global recognition.

The CIMA syllabus draws on the unique CGMA Global Management Accounting Principles© and CGMA Competency Framework to empower individuals with high-level abilities to help them achieve sustainable success in both business and finance.

Our exemptions search will help you find out if the qualification you have studied exempts you from sitting some CIMA exams. If your qualification is on our database of accredited programs, you will see which CIMA exams you may be exempt from. You must have qualified during the years stated on the database and must have taken the required modules.

If you are interested in in following the CIMA program via the exemption route. Please send us the official transcripts and certifications from the qualification awarding bodies of your previous qualifications to along with the filled exemption form available below.

In order to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), you need a minimum of three years’ verified relevant work-based practical experience.

The practical experience requirements (PER) are an essential part of the CIMA Qualification and CIMA’s membership application process. They complement assessments and demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in the context of your professional experience. 

Your PER application will be assessed to determine whether you have gained sufficient experience to be awarded Associate membership – giving you the associate chartered management accountant (ACMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designations. Mercury’s work placement and career guidance programmes will ensure that you find employment at a CIMA approved employer.

CIMA’s global mission is to support and help its members and students achieve success using the full power of management accounting. In these hard times, we are standing by your side. When everything is closed, we offer a new opportunity: starting May 2020, all CIMA Professional Qualification Exams in English can be passed without leaving home. 

On-demand Computer Based Exams (CBEs) are available for the Certificate in Business and Accounting (First Stage). These exams allow for flexibility in your studies as you can sit them at any time of the year. Also, your results are displayed immediately at the end of the exam and uploaded to your account within 72 hours.  Remotely invigilated on-demand CBEs are now available which facilitates sitting of the exam from your own home.

For more information on booking your next remote CBE exam please email us at .

Case study exams are also remote CBE’s will be held in February, May, August and November of each year. Please note that the OTQ papers have to be completed prior to making the exam booking for the case study. Exam bookings to be done via you MYCIMA account.